Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Do I have Legolas in me?

Have you ever looked at an old coin and wondered where it had been?

Well today I ate an apple with a sticker that said, "product of New Zealand." And I thought, I have New Zealand carbon being assimilated into my body right now. Will some native New Zealander long dead and turned to dust be resurrected with carbon from my body because I ate an apple from a tree that grew on his grave?

Did Orlando Bloom's skin cells, lost during filming of Lord of the Rings, enter the earth that the tree used as nutrition, so that I have Legolas in me right now? I do feel like I can see farther. If there was snow nearby, I'd try walking on top of it, like Legolas did.

This is even better than travelling to New Zealand. Rather than travelling, I'll just eat something from every country I want to go to. That way, they'll be a part of me, and I won't have to travel! Why "see" a country when I can "be" a country?!

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