Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nurture vs. Nature

I'm not a big fan of bathroom humor. Most fart jokes, poo jokes, etc. etc. just make me groan. Mari, being the decent woman she is, has never passed gas in her life.

So we were very surprised the other day when Des passed gas then looked at us and laughed. I didn't teach him to laugh at farts-he just instinctively knew it was funny.

So why is bathroom humor instinctively funny? And if it is natural to find it funny, should we really be unlearning the funniness of it as we grow older? Should the rules of etiquette be revised to account for what seems to be a natural an irrevocable law that bathroom humor is funny from birth?


  1. The reason why we laugh at gas is simple irony. We are human beings who go to great lengths to sound smart and refined, and yet we sometimes accidentally sound like a tuba or a duck.
    There's also an element of surprise, which is always fun for kids. The pressure builds up, and you just have no idea what it's going to sound like when it releases. Surprise!- ripping burlap. Or Surprise!- a creaking door. It's so much fun.

  2. LOL. That's probably it. Plus, he likes being bounced, so the rumbling of the gas may have been fun.

  3. Mom thought you were too serious so she taught Desi a few things and giggled with him :)

  4. Desi is so cute! I would just say to laugh when he laughs, but continue with not enjoying bathroom humor. Tell Mari I say hi!

  5. I laugh every time I fart.

    I laugh silently in public.