Thursday, January 31, 2008

Big Babies

Despite the title, this isn't about politics.

We went to the doc today, and Des was hiding his face with his hand. "No pictures please!"

But that wasn't so alarming as his size. The boy is (estimated to be) over 6 pounds, and Mari's not due until March 10. Don't they say the baby does most of his growing in the last 2 months?

I'm not sure, because I stopped reading baby books months ago. I will be the most uninformed father I know. I'm just going to follow my instincts!

But I digress... The doc was shocked, because Mari was only a 6 pound baby at birth. Her brothers were 6 and 7 pounds, respectively, and her mom was a small baby. Apparently baby size is only passed through the mother. But I told doc that Ellsworth genes were very dominating. (Dominant is the usual term, but in this case I think dominating was appropriate).

So Mari is scared at the size of this boy, and the docs may induce a little early. I'm just happy all our food is nourishing and strengthening Des's body, just like we prayed for.

Big, healthy babies: painful coming out, but wonderful to have and hold.


  1. Thanks, Adam! I'm officially freaking out now. I was only moderately and occasionally freaking out before. Send Mari my condolences. I'm happy her doctor is willing to push up her delivery date. I'm hoping mine will do the same.

  2. Wow. Des is gearing up for a grand entrance. If size has anything to do with temperament, then I can say big is better. Wesley is such a good eater, sleeper, babier, and if it took throwing on a few pounds at the end of the pregnancy, it was worth it. It's good to hear Des is healthy and such a big 'ol good size. Can't wait to meet him! Oh, and if he's big he won't wear newborn clothes very long at all, and he may not wear newborn diapers at all. Wes went straight to size 1. I think he wore 0-3 months clothes for 3-4 weeks, mostly pj's. Take care!!!