Monday, December 10, 2007

Decorating for Christmas

So I went to put up our Christmas lights on Saturday. I started by the garage because that's where we're going to plug them in, and ran them along the roof. We're about one string short of covering the whole front roof, so I'll have to buy some more.

So I went to try to plug them in, and realized that the Christmas lights had a non-ground outlet and our extension chord had a ground pin.

So I got a ground/non-ground adapter, only it had one large prong and one small (like many appliance plugs). Our Christmas lights have two small prong holes.

So I filed down the adapter prong until I had two small prongs. Then it hit me.

I put up the Christmas lights backwards. I put the female plug by the garage and the male at the opposite end of the house.

Ay ay ay.

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