Monday, December 10, 2007

Wild Times on Sioux Ln

So we were playing a dice game with Keith and Mary Ann Wonnacott (sp?) and Steve and Dion (sp?) Farnes. You rolled two dice in a cup and looked at the dice. You could call out the numbers on the dice in either order ("6" and "1" could be "16" or "61"). Or you could make up a number. The next person had to then either challenge you or take the cup and roll themselves. The trick is, the number they call out must be higher than the number you call out. (and doubles are higher than any non-doubles number; and a "1" and a "2" automatically wins).

So here we are all rolling and Steve shook up the cup, peeked into it, and shook it a little more. We laughed for a good long time at that, since you have to keep whatever you roll. Plus, he's our ex-bishop, so his "cheating" was especially funny. To be fair, he said one of the dice was an edger, so he was trying to make it lie flat.

Mari and I weren't any good at bluffing, so Mari was out pretty early. I was lucky, because I rolled well enough that I didn't have to bluff.

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